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  • The Pumpkin Muffin Diet

    Image by kmevans via Flickr            I discovered this fantastic diet quite by accident. Once more relying on my Garmin while visiting Paul’s Paradise near Albany, I got lost. A twenty minute drive took an hour and the grocery store I searched for had been washed away by Hurricane Irene. I ended up twenty minutes later in Cobleskill. …[ read more ]

  • Mark Twain: Writing Tips

    All Things Literary (sorry NPR–If the paraphrase works–use it) Want to be a great writer? Follow these tips. Mark Twain is back by popular demand. Don’t say the old lady screamed. Bring her on and let her scream. Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t. Ideally a book would have no order to …[ read more ]

  • God Created the World for Women: The Proof

         God must be crying over the irony of the patriarchally driven world when the very opening of the Bible shows us the world was created for us–the women. I do not expect you to take this thought in blind faith, so I will demonstrate it exegetically . (Go to the source, and see that I …[ read more ]

  • LOST (Part 2)

                …So we unloaded the few little things we had in our Hobbit room (except it was up and not down). It had to be no more that 15’x15’ with a king sized bed. I felt like Alice when she grew too big. We then began our search for our car.             Neil swore he’d …[ read more ]

  • Gridlock–Part 2

    So I ran 9.3 miles along a beautiful course with bands playing, crowds cheering, boom boxes booming and water everywhere. The Boilermaker had the best supply of water stops. I came to the end. Thought I saw Neil, smiled and waved to a gray haired, gray bearded man who never saw me before. Then I …[ read more ]