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About Carol


Others say weird.

In truth, McClain’s wacky and wonderful.

As a youth, she believed herself an odd-ball, craved being like others. She even practiced writing in cliches because her classmates did, and if they thought the phrases were cool, they had to be.

Fortunately, that phase passed, and she now celebrates her own diversity.

For thirty years she attempted to teach teenagers the joys of the English language. Judging from the prevalence of confusion with their, they’re and there–not to mention your and you’re and the rest, she hasn’t succeeded much. She’s now on a quest to make magic with her own words.

She is past president of ACFW Knoxville and its current treasurer/secretary. She’s secretary of the Author’s Guild of Tennessee and facilitates Postmark Writers, an offshoot of the LaFollette Art Group. She teaches online courses and is a clinical supervisor for WGU.

(Is there nothing she can’t do?_

Aside from writing, she’s a skilled stained glass artists and a budding potter.  Not to mention, she’s the newest member of the Elk Lake Family.


She will publish the Borrowed Lives series with Elk Lake Publishing.








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