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  • How To Please Your Man

  • Florida Fandango: Okefenokee

         Okefenokee –what a way to start my Florida vacation. In size, it’s bigger than 300,000 football fields. (Even the Pats would find touchdowns difficult in a field that size). This last summer, much of it burned up–but like God refining us in the fire, this will restore the swamp. If fire didn’t kill the growth, …[ read more ]

  • Whom Do You Trust?

    The ILT      I love my GPS–or as I’ve called her once before, my ILT (I’m Lost Too). With faith I program her and believe wholeheartedly she will get me where I’m going. But… In Madrid, she told me my hotel resided under a four mile tunnel. In Wilmington, NY she believed my route followed …[ read more ]

  • Little Known Bassoon Facts

         My annual Christmas cantata has ended to thunderous applause and requests for us to return in the spring. Before I, personally perform, I want to clarify some little known facts about the most wonderful instrument in the band.     Did you know? 1.  The bassoon is indeed the prototype of a bazooka. If you wet …[ read more ]

  • Lose Weight–Eat Dessert

    Image by escuelahosteleriabenahavis via Flickr     I set out on my annual pilgrimage with my daughter. Over Veterans day we hunker down in Burlington, Vermont , scrapbook and eat at the Olive Garden. Ah, the Olive Garden–home of the Tour of Italy and breadsticks and Tiramisu. Except the food police hit. Now in Vermont, restaurants carry three–make that four–little …[ read more ]