The Pumpkin Muffin Diet

Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese FillingImage by kmevans via Flickr            I discovered this fantastic diet quite by accident. Once more relying on my Garmin while visiting Paul’s Paradise near Albany, I got lost. A twenty minute drive took an hour and the grocery store I searched for had been washed away by Hurricane Irene. I ended up twenty minutes later in Cobleskill. My hunger threatened to kill me until I made an emergency stop at a Dunkin Donuts.
            I got a latte. Staring at me from the shelves of delicacies, white sugar glaze topped a burnt-orange offering and said, “You’re hungry, Carol, and look at me.”
(You should have heard the voice—you would have succumbed as well.)
            I bought it, and the pumpkin flavor of the moist cake exploded in my mouth. Each crumb satisfied in a way that a celery stalk could never. I nibbled. I licked my fingers and sucked every crumb from my finger and the napkin strewn across my lap as the lady inside my Garmin directed me home.
            Before I even finished my latte, my appetite vanished as though I left it in Cobleskill. No need to devour the half of sub sitting in the fridge once I got home. I didn’t even desire apples or cheese or veggies. My belly swelled in delight in a manner that no salad slathered with non-fat dressing on the side could do. One little muffin satisfied.
            So my advice to you—stock up at Dunkin Donuts (these muffins are seasonal after all), and eat one muffin for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner. You’ll be satisfied until your stash vanishes.
            Share your diet results here. I’d love to learn new techniques.

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  1. Cynthia, I actually live further north. I was visiting a friend in Berne–but next time I'm down there, hopefully we can connect

    I live north of Lake Placid. And I think if we petition DD we can get those pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips!

  2. Carol,
    Definitely my kind of diet. Though I would need a bit of chocolate to balance it out. I noticed your mention of Albany and Cobleskill – are you from the upstate area or visiting? I live outside of Schenectady…and I'm always looking for other writers to fellowship with. They seem to all be down south!

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