Florida Fandango: Okefenokee

     Okefenokee–what a way to start my Florida vacation. In size, it’s bigger than 300,000 football fields. (Even the Pats would find touchdowns difficult in a field that size). This last summer, much of it burned up–but like God refining us in the fire, this will restore the swamp. If fire didn’t kill the growth, the vegetation would suck up all the water and we’d be hunting gators on a freeway.
     As a matter of fact, engineers did try to drain the swamp, but they ran out of money and never connected it to the St. Mary’s River and the outlet malls went elsewhere.

Getting up close and personal with the gators
Sandhill Crane

     And that was a good thing. The swamp is home to myriad species: Sandhill cranes, alligators, great blue herons and bunches more.
     The water looks like tea, and like tea, is dark because of tannic acid. But don’t drink it! The temp is only 68 degrees and tepid tea is not tasty.
      One critter that is not as well known is the swamp monkey. Out in the midst of the swamp where methane rises like the bubbles in a lava lamp you can find this creature. One must lean over the sides of the boat and stare into the depths of the water. Inevitably, you will see the swamp monkeys. I was lucky enough to capture photos of six of them.

Swamp Monkeys Neil, Zach, Will
Kaitlin Swamp Monkey

rare picture of mamma & baby


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