Whom Do You Trust?

Magellan Blazer12 GPS Receiver.

     I love my GPS–or as I’ve called her once before, my ILT (I’m Lost Too). With faith I program her and believe wholeheartedly she will get me where I’m going. But…

  1. In Madrid, she told me my hotel resided under a four mile tunnel.
  2. In Wilmington, NY she believed my route followed EVERY cemetery in the area, and she took me to Malone via Plattsburgh (50 miles east of my destination)
  3. She told me Target lay in the middle of a four lane highway.
  4. She thought a side trip through Washington D.C. would be a nice diversion forgetting I’ve already seen the Washington and Jefferson Monuments and my destination was Charlotte, NC not D.C.
  5. She had no idea that South Tryon Street existed. It’s a major thoroughfare through Charlotte.

     Still, every time I travel, I turn ILT on and with faith follow her lead. So why don’t I do this with my Lord and Savior? Who best can direct my steps? God never leads me astray, never loses satellite connection and knows every twist and turn of my being. If I trust the fickle ILT, I certainly can believe my Creator.

2 Thessalonians 3:5 May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.

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