Lose Weight–Eat Dessert

Mousse de TurrónImage by escuelahosteleriabenahavis via Flickr     I set out on my annual pilgrimage with my daughter. Over Veterans day we hunker down in Burlington, Vermont, scrapbook and eat at the Olive Garden. Ah, the Olive Garden–home of the Tour of Italy and breadsticks and Tiramisu. Except the food police hit. Now in Vermont, restaurants carry three–make that four–little digits at the bottom of each selection. Calories!
     1450 was the huge digit at the bottom of the Tour. That was one thousand four hundred and fifty calories. As my daily budget is 1290 calories (which I thought was what the poor, starving people in Africa ate per day), this meal, minus breadsticks (150 per stick) and Tiramisu (510) would have me porking on the pounds.
     To work off the calories from the Tour alone, I’d have to run MORE than a half-marathon (that’s 13.2 miles) or ride my bike for eight hours or walk for ten. That’s HOURS! And I still hadn’t extras to eat.

     So instead of taking the Tour, I opted for strawberry mousse with white chocolate cream cake–210 calories complete.

     Life should be sweet!

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  1. I know. It took the joy out of eating 😛

  2. Anonymous says:

    `1 do not want to see any calories on my menu

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