• The Rubens in the Prado

         Peter Paul Rubens. How his name conjures images of hefty women–but this painter is so much more. His painting is luminescent, literally larger than life. And the Prado offered two massive rooms of his work. He is epic, mythic–taking the tales that have inspired mankind and translating them into oil on canvas.     At …[ read more ]

  • Pros and Cons of Spain

         Our visit turned up some delightful Spanish concepts–ones I think we would do well to adopt here in the U.S. 1.  They do not waste.      After we found the car we hid underground in Spain (see first Spanish blog), I couldn’t get the lights to turn on in my room. With no knowledge of …[ read more ]

  • Living Like a Spaniard

    Mountains outside Alicante The Calpe W         We left Ronda and traveled six hours to the coast. The scenery changed–often times becoming the bland rolling plains similar to central Spain . At the coast, things changed. Jagged, bare mountains rose to the left of us, the Mediterranean rolled out to the right.                …[ read more ]

  • Standing Upon the Rock

         As my ship glided past in the night, I strained to see the mighty British rock guarding the entrance to the Mediterranean. Darkness swallowed it and we sailed on to Cadiz. This time in Spain, I would not only see Gibraltar, or Gib as the locals affectionately call it, I would climb it. Image …[ read more ]

  • El Castillo de los Reyes Christianos

                 The ILT (AKA GPS) got us to Córdoba fine. It’s very good with its gross motor skills. However, once there, it took us down “streets” that made the roadways of Arriate look huge. The tires of our tiny Clio scrubbed the curbs of these two way streets.             We found a parking spot—somehow with …[ read more ]