Thankfulness in Times of Trials

By Carol McClain @carol_mcclain

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows. Ps. 23:5

We live our lives denying the fact they will end. Or else, we expect, as Christians, that our lives will be pain-free if we have the right combination of faith and prayer. Believing these is to believe a lie.

Dean Karnazes, an ultramarathoner says it perfectly, “Life is a series of obstacles and setbacks; living is overcoming them.”

Generally, I don’t like Psalm 23 because it’s overused or used without thought during funerals and nowhere else. However, this morning verse five struck me. In the midst of our trials, we can be grateful.

My husband had a knee replacement. It’s painful. At the moment, it leaves him worse off than before the surgery. As his wife, I endure his complaints. I suffer with his pain. I’m overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s a hard time.

So how do we find gratitude?

How to find gratitude in the midst of trials

  1. I remember trials and pain are temporary. Even if they end in our death, God’s grace sustains us, and we go to a pain-free eternity.
  2. I am grateful for medicine that eases suffering.
  3. I am grateful for good doctors, physical therapists, PAs and nurses. I don’t have the gift of mercy. These people do. It makes life bearable.
  4. I am grateful for friends and family who commiserate and help us.
  5. I am grateful for Scriptures. They come alive when we need them the most.

In trials, how do you find gratitude?




  1. Cheryl White says:

    Having gratitude and thankfulness? You bet I do and today showed me why I am. I was driving my husband to his dr appt this morning and I no sooner than turned the corner and was crawling around a sharp curve and my husband yelled “watch out”! Anyway, we got slammed in the front of the car by a guy who wasn’t turning through the curve. He went straight into us. We are both fine, but my car is a mess. I’m so grateful that God put his protective arms around us and it was only the car. Well, it was a hit and run. Yes, he backed off me and took off. I watched where he was going and tried to see his plate. He was caught, but we also had many people stop to make sure we were ok and even had an army vet that stayed with us to help direct traffic until help came. A big thank you Lord for being there for us and sending all the caring individuals.

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