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    Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I saw her squatting and looking eye to eye at the packaged item standing under the Christmas tree. It was four in the morning, and I had no idea how long she had been there.             I was grateful for the toys and clothes Mother had bought for my children. She had set …[ read more ]

  • The Beauty of Single Parenting: By Angela Ruth Strong

    My guest today is Angela Ruth Strong. She studied journalism at the Univeristy of Oregon. Strong released her debut romance novel the year after her divorce, which was difficult to say the least. She is in the middle of her Fun4Hire series for ages 8-12, a series that deals with divorce in Book 2–THE SNOWBALL FIGHT PROFESSIONAL. You can find …[ read more ]

  • Divorce: How to Recover (or Not)

    For me, being in a bad marriage is like being shipwrecked. I floated on the ocean, thirsty beyond endurance, but all that surrounded me was salt water. So when the marriage ended, I had the chance to drink my fill. I met a man. He was sweet, handsome and fun to be with. We dated, …[ read more ]

  • Biblical Divorce: Summary

    In 1980, my first husband and I divorced. I had yet to find the Lord, but my spirit still grieved–not because I needed or desired to remain with this man, but because I knew I had broken my vow. Through the years–I’ve studied the topic extensively. I did not want to stay single, nor did …[ read more ]

  • Biblical Divorce: Abuse

    עברית: חתונה יהודית. (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Instone-Brewer, David. “What God Has Joined.” Christianity Today . 5 October 2007. Web. 1 November 2014. We’ve all met pious people–mostly women, but men included, who stay with an abusive spouse because the Bible only clearly states adultery or desertion as reasons for divorce. However, the question always arises, how can Jesus, …[ read more ]