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  • How To Fail At Dialogue: The Realistic Method

    Eigen foto Licentie Categorie:Afbeelding voedsel Categorie:Afbeelding cacao (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) One day, my friend Sharon told me, “Carol, you are so cute. Do you know how often you use the word ‘basically’?” This horrified me. My sweet, and generally sarcastic, friend told me of a vocal tic I’d developed. She also confessed she didn’t want …[ read more ]

  • The Bible Garden: The Easter Lily

    I know the Easter lily is not native to Israel, and is a difficult cultivar for our region, but with Easter less than a week away, I want to devote this post to one of my favorite flowers. The Easter lily is the third most popular seasonal plant. It follows the poinsettia and chrysanthemum. Never does …[ read more ]

  • How to Fail at Dialogue: The Tennis Method

    You’ve heard it said,  use action beats when creating dialogue–avoid the ubiquitous said. Great advice when done properly, but when overused, the reader gets a stiff neck as though watching an over active tennis match. A popular series, I won’t mention any names, became a hit despite overusing interrupting beats. The author’s dialogue ran something …[ read more ]

  • Ecclesiastes 11:2: How to be Profligate

    Corrugated (Photo credit: Andrea Kirkby ) “Be generous: Invest in acts of charity. Charity yields high returns.  Don’t hoard your goods; spread them around. Be a blessing to others. This could be your last night” Eccl 11:1-2(from THE MESSAGE: The Bible in Contemporary Language © 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson. All rights reserved.) Like corrugated warts, storage …[ read more ]

  • Key to Failure in Writing

    Proud As A Peacock I loved the Dixie Chicks . Their sound crossed the line between old-time country and the contemporary. The use of the fiddle, the guitar work, the entire package worked for these classically trained musicians. Perhaps success came too easy for them and handed them their key to failure. They should have understood their …[ read more ]