• Guest Blogger Mark Twain–Water

    Funday-Monday Cover of Mark Twain I’d like to introduce my guest blogger, Mark Twain . As we know over the last week, we’ve been inundated with Hurricane Irene news. Well, Twain is an expert meterologist and here are some of his insights about water. The solution to our water problems is more rain. Whiskey is for drinking; water is …[ read more ]

  • What’s Your Memoir?

    It’s–Funday-Monday In six words, can you write your memoir?I heard in this Sunday’s Sermon that Ernest Hemingway was asked to prove his writing skills by creating a short story in six words. He wrote: “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.” The congregation as a whole gasped with the power of the “story.” Other examples: I …[ read more ]

  • Time and Hour?

    Image by scubadive67 via Flickr    Tuesday night NBC told a human interest story about a police officer Jeremy Henwood who was shot while sitting in his patrol car outside a McDonald’s in San Diego. Henwood survived tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and no one expected him to die while eating lunch. Minutes before he died, a …[ read more ]

  • Wacked-Out Words

    Where’d we get these words? Image via Wikipedia pulchritude–means great beauty. Sounds like me after food poisoning. flummoxed–confused? Again, sounds like the after effects of food poisoning. bung hole –sounds obscene to me. It’s just a hole drilled into a barrel with a cork in it. concupiscence –sounds like problems with the urinary track–but it means sensual desire, lust …[ read more ]

  • Are You Really a Disciple?

    Image via Wikipedia In our chaotic lives, we delight in church. We sing and Jesus meets us. Suddenly the cares of the world drift away. Then we hear a good message. We cry because it convicts us. We rejoice, because we are justified. Of course, when someone brings in the special homemade treats, we really love …[ read more ]