The Bodies and Souls of Men: Part 2

Slavery Still Exists - SSE
Slavery Still Exists – SSE (Photo credit: Wolfram Burner)

     Did you know that slavery is alive in the world, including the United States, today? I know. You’ve talked to me recently, and you’ve heard my sermons. However, here are a few facts from a Baltimore Chronicle article from March 6, 2009. Iencourage you to read the whole article.

1.   Nearly half of all slaves are in the sex trade. (46%)
2.  This is followed by domestic slavery. (27%)
3.  Our world contains more slaves than at any other time. (27 million globally)
4. Ninety dollars is the average cost of a slave. During  the Civil War times, that cost was $40,000. With the cost of human beings so cheap, slave owners have no reason to conserve them. They are now disposable commodities.
5. Farmworkers are perhaps the poorest and most abused laborers in America. Around half of them earn less than $7500 annually, and their wages have been stagnant since the 1970s.

How much does your life impact enslavement? Here’s a link to a survey that may give some surprising insight.


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