Do You Think Squid from New Zealand Is Safe?

From the link below

     Think again. Although New Zealand’s government resembles ours in its liberty, about 40% of the squid imported from there is the end product of slave labor.
     E. Benjamin Skinner recently appeared on PRI and spoke about an article of his that appeared in Bloomberg Business week. He discussed fishing ships “contract” with impoverished Indonesian men. Once at sea brutality, sexual exploitation and threats to harm the family at home makes these indentured servants virtual slaves. They work under dangerous conditions up to 53 hours a week and net less than a dollar a day. This amounted to $500-$1000 dollars for six months of dangerous work.

      Below are two links (which you will probably need to cut and paste) to the source and an eye-opening article. I encourage you to read these eye opening pieces.

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