What Makes You Happy

by: Carol McClain

Love, family, respect, joy. These matter most in our lives. We are blessed.

What makes you happy?

Lately, people have been socially isolating. In doing so, I think we are discovering the things we value most.

Historically, we’ve been a blessed generation. Good finances. Nice homes. Equality. Freedom. Good medical. Freedom to worship…

It’s not always been so, and we definitely haven’t arrived at nirvana. Yet, in times where we’re fearfully of catching or giving infections and hunkering down with those we love, we see what is important in our lives.


The most important things in my life:

  1. Faith. Without faith, all is hopeless. I firmly believe the events of the last four years (yes, years–I believe our politics are part of the correction. Not that they’re good–but they’re teaching us and the sooner we learn the sooner sanity will return. But I digress.) have been a correction in our lives. We see the value of family: eating together, playing and learning together, caring for each other.
  2. Family and friends. I’ve been texting people I haven’t heard from in years–those with asthma or far away or those I’m plain missing. We’ve “talked” more (via text–I may be a grandma, but I’m up to date–sorta).
  3. Health and the medical community. Of all seasons, my bronchitis decided it was time to rise up and scare me into thinking I’d catch the coronavirus. I got to the doctor. Got medicine. I’m improving slowly, but improving. We have a good medical establishment–think of the years of cholera or the plague…we’ve come a long way. I’m grateful.
  4. Homes. Being quarantined has me streaming many shows. Poldark, Jamestown, Victoria. Take a look at how we lived not so long ago. Our doublewides are spacious and luxurious compared to the way most people lived not so long ago. Modern conveniences make me able to vacuum the floor  or wash dishes while typing on my computer (thanks to things like Roomba and dishwashers).
  5. The environment. The news reports Venice being the cleanest it’s been in years. If we change our consumption habits, perhaps we can reverse effects of climate change.

Is this perfect?

Have we arrived?

Is everyone equally cherished?


I pray we learn soon what is most valuable, what truly makes us happy so our “correction” can be short lived and we once again celebrate with friends and family in freedom and without fear.

The beatitudes of Matthew 5 enumerate the blessings we will gain despite our pain. For the world who lacks, God will give.

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