Tyranny of the Quick Fix

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     Malone, NY, I do love thee…but have you learned the tyranny of the quick fix? We look for easy ways out of problems and so we bring in prisons. Oh the economy will revive.
     Nope. Just brought in prison families and lots of convicts who clog the judicial system.
     We hope the casino will have a trickle down effect and build more hotels.
     Nope. Didn’t work either.
     But we’re not to blame–it’s in our DNA. From the town’s inception we’ve looked for the get rich quick schemes. Last week we explored the wolf head scandal…oh those dastardly dogs look so much like wolves. However, that scandal had a forerunner–espionage and fraudulent land claims.

Malone, New YorkImage by dougtone via Flickr
  1. During the War of 1812 many county residents favored the British. And they discovered a benefit to that favoritism. They traded military secrets for the filthy lucre. Being a border town wasn’t much different than as it is now–only today our barter is with the drug and alien trade.
  2. During this time period, we had fraudulent land claims. People would state that property had been confiscated or destroyed or goods consumed. Then they received payments. Oddly, once the investigation proved the fraud, the claimants claimed they didn’t know the claims were made. Oh, my bad.
  3. Hops didn’t do it either.

    So, you ask, this is an itty-bitty, inconsequential village in the frozen tundra, what does it have to do with me especially as it happed over 200 years ago?
     There is nothing new under the sun. How else do we try to skim the cream?

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