Time and Hour?

Cookie, AnyoneImage by scubadive67 via Flickr    Tuesday night NBC told a human interest story about a police officer Jeremy Henwood who was shot while sitting in his patrol car outside a McDonald’s in San Diego. Henwood survived tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and no one expected him to die while eating lunch. Minutes before he died, a young boy entered the McDonald’s and asked to borrow ten cents because he didn’t have quite enough for cookies. Henwood bought them for him. Minutes later, he died.
     His last act, his last words were of kindness. What will ours be like?
     Will we be playing solitaire on the computer? Watching questionable TV shows? Dreaming about what we’re going to do in the future? Will we die after maligning a neighbor or cursing our politicians or sleeping too late and ignoring our homes?
     We need to be cognizant that we are guaranteed nothing but the moment we are living. We must make our character count. How will people remember us?

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  1. Thanks, Connie. I know none of us are told when our lives end. I wonder what my last actions will be. I hope they're not sour.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very nice, Carol. I'll be thinking about this one. Connie

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