Three Ways to Re-Capture the Wonder of Christmas

News alert: Christmas is Coming.

This should get two different reactions from two different sets of people.

  1. I hate Christmas. (Those like me.)
  2. Yeah. It’s WONDERFUL.

I’d been so jaded for so many years because of Christmas demands. Cynicism is exhausting, so I made some changes.

God told us to become like children–yes, He referred to childlike faith–but I want to use His admonition to recreate a world of wonder.

My three-year-old granddaughter lights up when she sees Santa Claus, Christmas lights, parades and Christmas trees.

When I was little, waking Christmas morning to see the tree sparkling with lights and tinsel and gaily-wrapped packages filled me with awe.

Let’s use this season to recapture, not just the splendor of Christmas, but the awe of life.


Three ways to recapture the wonder of Christmas

  1. Take a drive or a walk to look at Christmas decorations. My dear friend, Arlene, didn’t drive. Every year we’d go for a ride. Never did we pass a gaily lit house where she didn’t exclaim, “I love lights.” See the decorations in a new light–love them.
  2. Look at the holiday world through the eyes of a child. Maybe go to a mall or a fire station where Santa is visiting. Watch the children (not the ones who Santa terrifies). Look at their eyes, their smiles and their body language. Remember the times you felt that way.
  3. Re-institute traditions that remind you of the reason for the season.  For years, I belonged to a church that didn’t have holiday traditions. When I married my Methodist minister, I discovered Advent wreaths. What a glorious practice. Four candles form a ring around a white one. They exemplified Christ’s virtues: hope, love, joy, peace. Each week one would be lit, and we would meditate on the value. It culminated with the lighting of the Christ candle. For you, it may be another tradition–the set-up of a manger. Take time to think of each part the figurines play. Perhaps, you love the Christmas tree with ornaments made by your children and friends. As you add each one to the tree, remember the love of these people.


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