Six Ways to Be Holy: Why Media Hates Christians

By: Carol McClain @carol_mcclain

The bain of my existence. Scripture says, “As it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy” (1Peter 1:16).

I used to try. Don’t believe me? Read August third’s blog. But that’s another story, as they say. Besides, I’ve learned the power of grace.

So why this post?

Have you ever thought why the only group of people media is allowed to hate are Christians? Watch a TV crime show. The cameras will zoom in on a cross necklace, you know the person wearing it is the bad guy. The judgmental prig spews scriptures. The pastor is the cheater.

The horrid headlines about COVID-19? “Churches Re-open. COVID Spikes.” News stories downplay riots, mass gatherings, shopping at the local discount retailer.

If you’ve gotten this far in the post, you’re a Christian who agrees with me.

Although biased, maybe, media makes a valid point. Are you living so that Jesus would be proud of you?

I’ve recently started re-reading Isaiah (How I love that book). Before long, I came across a well-annotated/starred/ underlined/margin-written passage.

Six Ways to Be Holy (Isaiah 1:16b-17):

  1. Cease to do evil.
  2. Learn to do good.
  3. Seek justice.
  4. Rebuke the oppressor
  5. Defend the fatherless
  6. Plead for the widow.

I know we’re saved by grace–if we weren’t, I’d be a forgotten soul bound for eternal separation from God. Grace doesn’t excuse sin, and sometimes we live as though our manner of living doesn’t matter to our Creator. Over the next several weeks, I want to look at the above commands, one by one.

How do we, as a group, forget these commands?

Are we living lives that bring shame to our creator?


  1. I will try to do the six things. Let the rest of life ride on.

  2. Tracy Williamson says:


  3. Donald Wright says:

    I like your comment, “ If you’ve gotten this far in the post, you’re a Christian who agrees with me.” So true. In many cases, as soon as they realize you’re a Christian, it’s goodbye Charlie. Looking forward to the next six weeks.

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