No Rewards in Heaven? I’m Bankrupt.

English: Old Iranian postcards and magazines.
This could’ve been mine!

My case is hopeless.

I have no reward awaiting me in paradise.


I’ve spent it all here on earth, but to be honest, I’ve tried to add jewels to my heavenly crown. I’ve worked to make my life the purest gold (or at least silver). And it’s all God’s fault.

I give away my life, and God gives me double what I donated. One example can give you idea on how I cannot earn a gorgeous crown (see the one to the right? Not mine).

I have a dear friend “Georgianna” who is prone to blod clots. Once again she was hospitalized. Feeling sorry for her, I decided to brighten her day. Besides, one of Neil’s congregants was also in the hospital, so  I could earn lots of rewards with very little effort.

I’m a  woman with a mission, so, as usual, I rushed Neil along as we headed to the front doors of Alice Hyde Medical Center. There I nearly fell over a poor woman in a wheelchair.

“Excuse me,” I said. I do have manners even if I’m spiritually bankrupt.


This woman knew me? I actually looked at her.

“Georgianna! I was heading up to visit you.”

“It was a beautiful day. I made my hubby bring me outside.”

Eeyore as depicted by Disney
Eeyore as depicted by Disney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I looked around and noted the truth of her statement–blue skies, cool breezes, changing leaves of sugar maples.

“I’m sorry about your clot,” I said. “You must be discouraged.”

“It’s not so bad. This gives me a chance to relax, to catch up on my Bible study and spend more time with Jesus.”

“But what a way to achieve that.” My Eeyore side always predominates.

“It’s not bad. Life’s good.”

I quirked my brow–probably dropped my jaw, widened my eyes and exclaimed, “You’ve got to be kidding.” We’ll just go with I quirked my brow.

“God’s in control. That’s all I need to believe,” she said.

I bent over, hugged her, and we chatted about Jesus and families and church until it was time for her to return to her room.

I left revived in my faith and the knowledge I was loved by both Georgianna and Jesus.

This happens every time I give–whether the giving is easy, as with Georgianna, or the giving is hard–my mission trip to Romania.

How about you? You mow an elderly neighbor’s lawn without him knowing, and you come away feeling better than he does when he discovers your act of kindness. You invite your neighbor’s kids into your swimming pool and benefit more because your kids are occupied. You dump $30 bucks into a mission plate and not only see it multiplied–but you get a tax deduction.

Have you ever out-given God?

I haven’t. I’ve spent every dime of my heavenly reward.

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