My Joseph’s Coat

Sometimes I imagine myself in heaven pulling up a fluffy cloud, rolling up the sleeves of my hand knit, cashmere saint’s robe and having a heart to heart with an angel. In this scenario she will tell me all the times that Jesus intervened in my life, times I knew nothing about. I wonder how much of eternity that would take?

Not being dead yet, I usually prefer to pour myself a cup of coffee (fair trade), sit in my gazebo, admire the flowers in bloom and metaphorically knit my blessings like a coat of many colors.

Knit one: Long before I ever knew Jesus, He showed me His love. Married out of His will with no job and a new baby, I substitute taught. Being somewhat schooled in languages, I noted on all my resumes I understood Spanish and French. Then one day, one year after Sarah was born, a school offered me a year’s job teaching Spanish. It understood my teaching certificate expired and it had been in English education. As an unsaved woman, I knew God had gotten me this job. I worked hard, finished my graduate work and moved on to my permanent employer. Thirty years later, I retired from a field that couldn’t reward a woman more.

Purl two: As my job stabilized my finances, my friends Marge and Al soothed my soul. My marriage died and I sought hope. My neighbors became my refuge. I’d ride my bike to their home, my daughter strapped in her bike seat. As I entered, the peace that passes all understanding settled over me. While Sarah watched Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, we drank coffee and chatted about life and God and farming and family. The love of these friends and their complete acceptance of me just as I was led me to Christ.

Cable stitch: My faith grew in richness and complexity. God planted me in a church near my new job. Here I met believers, learned the Scriptures, followed the example of others as they fasted and prayed and went from house to house to fellowship. The intricacy of my life developed. Work intrigued me. Church fed me. Friends fulfilled my life. My interests branched out to running and painting and writing. New communities of friends welcomed me. These kinships keep me anchored and content.

Yarn over: God taught me to seek Him in the little things. I’d run my miles, and robins would play leap frog with me. In a butterfly house, one beautiful butterfly landed on my shirt and stayed with me the whole time—a living pin more beautiful than any man could make. If I needed God, I only had to ask, and then look—a cloud or goldfinch or spider web would catch my eye and I’d understand God loved me.

Two together: Finally Jesus brought me Neil. The kindness of this man and the humility of his spirit still astonish me. He makes me understand how God’s mercies can be new every morning, how His patience is infinite, and His wisdom not like our own.

Binding off: Through the years, Jesus knit my life like a variegated cloth composed of miracles both magnificent and miniscule. He’s comforted me in grief and rejoiced with me in grandchildren. He’s clothed me in a garment of praise. I love my Joseph’s coat and would love to hear about yours. Tell me. Your blessings encourage me.

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  1. Shelley says:

    – You are endowed with a gift for metaphor that makes your visions and insights come alive. Our meeting is one of my blessings.

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