How To Give Thanks

By Carol McClain @carol_mcclain

In Everything give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thes. 5:18

I know. Thanksgiving passed. Now the final, crazy, stressful days leading to Christmas arrived. Who has room for thankfulness when the seasonal insanity is full throttle?

For that matter, those of us who suffer from SADD (a real disorder–BTW how do you survive in Alaska?), darkness and cold make thankfulness harder.

But scientists have proven, gratitude improves our health. Life goes by fast, if we don’t practice mindful gratitude, we’ll miss out on the beauty and joy of life. On our deathbed, regret will plague us.

On item noted by virtually all scientists help us realize our gratitude: keeping a journal.

I have a challenge for you–and for me. Everyday, write in a journal five things you’re thankful for. Everyday must contain something different. Do this until Christmas and see how it de-stresses the season.

For me, daily, I will share on this blog, five different things I’m thankful for. (Because I missed yesterday, I will share ten today.

Ten things I am thankful for:

  1. My dog wagging her tail, happy to see me come home.
  2. Peppermint mocha coffee from Starbucks (only available this season)
  3. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. (It always makes me laugh)
  4. Speaking of  media, the TV show “Bless This Mess” makes me laugh.
  5. My late friend Cathy. Every time I watch “Bless This Mess” I think of her because the main character reminds me of her in both looks and actions. She was a beautiful, funny and unique woman. Although she died, she lives in my memory and in my dreams.
  6. My husband’s new knee, even though he hates it. I see improvements daily, and before too long, he’ll forget the pain and maybe take walks with me.
  7. A good church family. Sometimes the sermon and the worship don’t resonate. However, the community, the reminder of Jesus’s sacrifice and the dedication of our pastor blows me away.
  8. Stained glass. The play of light on color and texture always delights me–even when I cut my fingers.
  9. A fireplace. I miss our wood burning stove and the smell of the woodsmoke. But…it’s a breeze to turn on the gas fireplace and watch the flames dance.
  10. Warmth inside when it’s cold outside.

Every day until Christmas, I will post five things that make me grateful. None will be repeated.

Please share something you’re grateful for. Let’s make gratitude go viral.



  1. Cheryl White says:

    I am grateful for each new day when I can get up and face the challenges or blessings ahead of me. I’m grateful for my home, health, life, my salvation, family and friends.

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