Goofy Gratitude

If, as Songs of Solomon says, it’s the little foxes that spoil the grapes (2:15) , then it’s the little perks that create a wonderful life.

Family and friends are counting down the days to Thanksgiving–thanking God for truly important and wonderful things. But as my family recovers from Sandy, as they pine for the big things: electric, heat, cooked food, I’m sure they’ve also missed the little things.

Here are my (not so) inconsequential little things that make life glorious:

  1.  Light switches. Flip it up–voila. Snap it down–all gone. I love light switches.
  2.  Remotes. I’m old enough that I remember getting off the couch, walking across the room, turning dials to change the station. Now I remain under covers, sprawled on the couch, channel surfing. (I actually do not know how to change the TV station without a remote).
  3.  Car chargers. (Some are more lucky than I; I only have two, many have more). In the aftermath of Sandy, people relied on their cars–not to get down the streets. Those were blocked with trees. But to charge their phones and Kindles and Ipads and laptops. Isn’t it glorious we can ride in a car, read our ebooks and never lose power?
  4. Meat thermometers. Mine just broke and the new ones aren’t very accurate. It’s wonderful not to guess about that roast (especially with the price of roasts).
  5. Paper Books. Without power, the ereaders die and then what do you do without electricity, TV, radio, video games, Words with Friends or whatever else distracts us? A good old fashioned book doesn’t need electric. And reading by candlelight. How romantic is that?

Silly–but makes living in this century so easy. As we count in gratitude, think about the little things we’ve come to depend upon. We’ll find we’re more blessed than we can imagine.

What silly thing makes you thankful?

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  1. Me, too. I love clothes off the clothesline. Towels are a bit too scratchy, but everything else is divine.

  2. Clotheslines & clothespins – freshly dried clean sheets and towels.

  3. Toilets that flush! An underrated necessity.
    What is the greek greeting?

  4. I like that Greek greeting ! I appreciate toilets that flush and Frapps (celebrations in a bottle, each time I pop the cap.)

  5. Good one. Greek Yogurt…thank heavens for the Greeks.

  6. For me it's chocolate ice cream

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