Books Written Out of Fire

Books written out of fire give me a great deal of pleasure. You get the sense that the world for these writers could not have continued if the book hadn’t been written. When you come across a book like that it is a privilege. -Hisham Matar, author (b. 1970)
My friend Shelley sent me this quote, and it is my prayer for Dark Chocolate. America doesn’t know how it still enforces slavery. The issue hides from us because we don’t see the children in India with their little fingers in the mechanical looms. We don’t know how much of our made in the USA aluminum is fueled by enslaved charcoal makers in the center of Brazil.

I love it when I read a book such as the one Matar described. Grapes of Wrath is the first that comes to mind. I read that book when I was in my early twenties. For months after, I couldn’t pick up another book because none would ever measure up. Then Steinbeck’s social ideals compelled me to read most of his other works.

So, as the plot of Dark Chocolate stalls, the theme compels me to write. I need to change the world—and I cannot be satisfied if only one life changes. There is too much need.

What books have you read or written out of fire? Share with us.

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  1. Carol says:

    Sharon, The day I sat beside you at Donald Maas' session was hand designed by God. Thank you.

  2. Sharon Ball says:

    Carol, I look forward to reading Dark Chocolate when it's published and I can't wait to see how the Lord uses your words to make a difference in this world.

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