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Prodigal Lives–Book 2 of Treasured Lives series

Prodigal Lives–Book 2 of Treasured Lives series

Available: April 1, 2022

• Page Count: 368

ISBN: 978-1649495518

Life keeps piling problems on Meredith Jaynes. She loses her second foster child—one she was scheduled to adopt. Then Parker Snow refuses to marry her. With only her goats and artisan soap to support her, life will get no better.

If she is honest, though, she still has Crystal. Her funny, happy, loveable toddler makes the sun shine and reminds her of the never-failing love of God.

Pearl Solomon loves her life with her grandfather Guy, but every one of her triumphs is overshadowed by her sisters’ lives. With Mama Meredith, they live a life she envies. Because of her jealousy, she refuses to contact them.

Years later, life for both families twist down paths they do not wish to travel. Pearl knows she’s lost what was most precious in life but has no means of fixing things. Left to her own devices, she spirals out of control.

Meredith finds it harder to mask the despair infertility has brought to her life.

Both families believe they must reconcile themselves to their fates as reality shatters their dreams unless they dig deep for the promise of love.

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  • Carol McClain pens a devastatingly beautiful and heart-wrenching story in Prodigal Lives, her sequel to the stirring novel Borrowed Lives. She picks up from first book that left us cheering for its characters, and takes us further into a multi-layered drama of child welfare, drug abuse, and love of family that is at times haunting and shocking, yet filled with warmth and hope. This is a story that will stay with me. If you haven’t read any of Carol’s fiction yet, you’ll discover a treasure. AuthorNaomi Musch
  • n Prodigal Lives, Carol McClain takes us back to Hen Waddle Hollow in Jacksboro, Tennessee, and the Janes family. This second volume of Ms. McClain’s “Treasured Lives” series, brings us up to date on Meredith Janes and her foster children. Pearl is now happily situated with her biological grandfather who divides their time between Florida and Missouri, and Roxie is with her maternal biological aunt in Kentucky, soon to be Korea, but Meredith still has ever funny, ever lovable Crystal. And let’s not forget the goats! Life happens and, too often, happiness is sporadic to the point of disappearing as Pearl learns through addiction, Roxie learns through feelings of desertion, and Meredith learns through infertility issues. Again, as in the inspiring Borrowed Lives, I cried and laughed my way through real-life crises and joyful occasions, leading to an unforgettable ending. I highly recommend both Borrowed Lives and Prodigal Lives, so read both during the interlude while we wait for Ms. McClain to give us her next insight into the Jaynes family lives.EditorPeggy Lovelace Ellis
  • I loved that we get to see part of this book through the eyes of a young person. That rarely happens in novels written for adults. McClain pulls it off so well. The author is also such an expert on human relationships, both between adults, children, and adults to children. She does a fantastic job with dialogue and narrative, keeping the reader’s interest throughout the book. The reader’s journey will take them on a roller coaster of discovery among the characters. It is easy to see how much time, research, and knowledge went into writing this book. Loved every minute. Highly recommend.AuthorCyn Taylor
  • In Prodigal Lives, Carol McClain continues the heartfelt story of Meredith Jaynes, as she moves forward with her complex and challenging life. The characters you grew to know and love in the first book of this series continue to mature and develop, which rivets the reader to the pages. McClain is a master with character development, crafting people you find yourself actually caring about as you turn the page/scroll the Kindle file to find out what happens next. Realism abounds. Life isn't always easy. As a matter of fact, most times it's hard. McClain's main protagonist, as well as others in her life, learn that lesson through repeated experiences that make them dig deep, sometimes after taking a hard fall, to overcome their challenges and move forward, all the while clinging to the love and hope found in family. This is a terrific story. If you have not read Borrowed Lives, grab a copy of that excellent book along with this one. You can thank me later.AuthorTilmer Wright

An Excerpt from Prodigal Lives–Book 2 of Treasured Lives series