You are stronger than you think–God uses the weak

By Carol McClain @  carol_mcclain

If you’re like me, you probably wonder what you can do to make life different, to improve the course of history.

But you’re ordinary. Not brilliant or dumb, not beautiful or homely, not especially talented, but involved.

You have every ingredient God needs to change the course of history

Look at Rosa Parks, as one example. She worked with the NAACP in Montgomery, so had a vested interest in the nascent Civil Rights Movement. Still, Parks worked as a seamstress for a department store. Had no money for cars or fancy homes.

One day, obeying the laws imposed upon Blacks, she sat in her seat in the “colored” section of the bus. The driver told her to move for a white customer. She refused. This stand for her civil rights became the symbol of the turbulent movement that began to give human rights to a disenfranchised segment of our world.

God Uses Small Things to Change the world

  1. King DavidThe youngest and least important member of Jesse’s family became king of Israel. A few small stones killed a giant.
  2. Gideon. Gideon went out to fight with about 32,000 men. God said Gideon had to many soldiers, and God whittled the crew down to three hundred. With these men, Gideon won the battle.
  3. Zaccheus: So small he had to climb a tree to see Jesus. He got to host the Messiah in the most influential dinner party in his home town. He was a tax collector–tantamount to a thief.
  4. Feeding the multitudes: Two times Jesus fed the multitudes. In the first, he took seven loaves and two fish and fed five-thousand men, not counting women and children (Matt. 14: 15-21). When everyone finished eating, they gathered twelve baskets of leftovers. In Matt.  15: 33-39) He fed seven loaves and an undisclosed amount of fish to four thousand men. When everyone finished, they
    had seven baskets left over. If you look at the numbers (an incredible miracle–both), He fed more with less.
  5. Children. Considered small and insignificant in Biblical days, we are commanded to become like children.

Many other examples exist in history and the Bible that show you don’t have to do big things to change the world. God is more than able to work with our weaknesses. As Paul said, “When I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Cor. 12:10).



  1. Jean Ray Richardson says:

    Very encouraging words. Thank you

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