What Is Truth? Why Are There So Many?

Carol McClain

Definition of Truth

Pilate famously asked, “What is truth” (John 18: 37-38).

Webster defined truth as:: “relationship, conformity, or agreement with fact or reality or among true facts or propositions: the property in a conception, judgment, statement, proposition, belief, or opinion of being in accord with what is in fact or in necessity.”

What is true will never be changed. Apples won’t fall up. an egg and sperm are needed for human life, without water we die, the sun heats the earth, etc.

When we say things like, “This is my truth,” we’re saying this is the opinion I believe.

Pilate fell into this category. He found nothing wrong with Jesus, so he said he was innocent. However, the Jews believed Jesus was guilty, so Pilate bowed to their truth and washed his hands of the whole business.

We know the result of his decision.

How do we evade truth?

When we don’t like the answer, we change the question.

For example:

What does God want me to do?

This question becomes: What do I want to do?

What is the standard I must live with?

This becomes: What is the standard I want to live in?

Is abortion ethical? 

This question turns into: “Can’t I control what happens to my body?”

 What makes a human female?

This question turns into: If I believe I’m male, why can’t I correct the biological mistake?

Why do I have to pay these taxes?

This question becomes: If the rich don’t pay their fair share, why should I?


And I’m sure you can find better twisted questions.

How do we live ethically?

Without immutable guidelines, our foundation won’t stand. Remember, truth is truth. If a drop of poison is added to a potion, we’ll die. The same goes with lies.




  1. A much-needed and well-reasoned post. Thank you, Carol.

  2. Clearly analyzed, Carol! There is only one Truth and He doesn’t make mistakes. I’m looking forward to more of your wisdom this year!

  3. Jody Evans says:

    Thank you for this, Carol. I like how you focused on God’s Word as the source for truth and then brought up these questions for your readers to ponder. I also appreciate that you brought something powerful to this first day of the year in such a small package. Brevity is a skill I struggle to develop. I could go on, but, I guess I’ll practice that brevity thing starting now (or have I already gone on too long?).

    Happy New Year! I pray you will experience God’s blessings in your work this year in His service.

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