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The winter wind whisked her along Fifth Avenue
to Central Park. She stood above the lake
skimmed with ice. Her brothers hurling rocks
had hoped to make a hole that wouldn’t freeze again.
Intent upon their burden, they ignored
a little girl who stood meekly at their side.

“I can break the ice so it won’t freeze again.”

“Tommy-rot,” they said and shut her out.
But she could prove she was as smart as they.
A she leapt  from the bridge and her brothers learned
when Vera spoke, they’d better listen.

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  1. You never met my mother? We do have to correct that. And thank you for the compliment. I learned everything I know from your mom and Ellen.

  2. Abby Glenn says:

    I hope I'll get to meet her someday 😀
    (And her daughter is one of the most wonderful people I know!)

  3. Abby, my mom, indeed, is still amazing. (And look at the wonderful child she produced!)

  4. Abby Glenn says:

    Your mom was amazing!

  5. Linda S. says:

    Loved the poem. Maybe next time they will listen to little sister.

  6. Thanks for the response, Laura. Yes, my mother was quite the character.

  7. I guess she showed them, eh?
    Hugs, L

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