The Significance of One


1 Peter 4:10 As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

I heard an interesting thought by Arlo Guthrie this weekend–who’d have thought he’d inspire inspirational thoughts. The following is my abbreviated take on an interesting tale.


Guthrie told the tale of Joseph. He dreamt grand dreams that made his brothers angry. One day, his father sent him looking for his eleven brothers. “They’re out there somewhere.”

Somewhere? Israel was a big place, especially wandering on foot.

Joseph made it to Shechem and found a man (this is the important part) wandering in the fields. (Gen. 37: 15-17). The unamed man said his brothers moved on to Dotham.

And the consequences of this one piece of knowledge?

  1. The brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt. (doesn’t sound so good, yet).
  2. He was thrown into prison. (Still not encouraging).
  3. The gift of dreams that got him into trouble with his brothers, brought him out when he interpreted pharaoh’s dreams.
  4. After being promoted to eminence, he saved his family and brought them to Egypt.
  5. Israel became a great nation–so great, they frightened the power of the new pharaoh.

One nameless man saved Jacob’s family and established the nation of Israel.

The consequences of the establishment of Israel?

  1. God gave Moses the law on Mount Sinai.
  2. The law proved we needed grace.
  3. Jesus came, fulfilled the law, and saved us through grace.

All because one nameless man told Joseph where to find his brothers.

We do not know how our lives will affect the future. We may not be bright or beautiful. We may not have any fame or great talent. We need to live in the present and do what our hands find to do. One nameless person can change the world.


And (here it comes–my latest release): in Borrowed Lives one woman’s actions saves the lives of three children. This being Foster Care month–this is a must read.



  1. Gloria G Peifer says:

    As a CASA (court appointed advocate) for many years, I was drawn to this book. I loved it! Will there be a book 2?

    • Carol McClain says:

      I’m sorry, for some reason I never was notified about your comment. Book two is with my editor–it follows the life of Bean and Meredith. Book 3 focuses on Roxie and Crystal.

    • Carol McClain says:

      Book 2 should be out early in 2022. It’s with the publisher now.

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