The Extravagance of God


When I see a flower I stop. I examine the bloom, look at it from all angles, check the smell, and at last–photograph it.

Everything about flowers captivates me–texture, scent, color, size. My photo albums are full of pictures that probably bore others, but delight me. How could God have created such diversity?

We know we live in an “unfair” world. Some people, with little effort or with family influence, have everything. Some because of race or religion have little. Despite this, God has strewn the world with beauty–free to anyone who will look.

Besides flowers, fish intrigue me. I can’t scuba dive, so I can’t take fishy pictures, but they are a motley crew. I believe they demonstrate God’s sense of humor.

I live in the country. Outside my door, I spot newborn fawns or watch my doelings leap like gymnasts. These kids believe I’m their nanny. God’s variety.

Even though I adore the country, cities abound with God’s gifts to us. Wildflowers sprout through cracks in the pavement. The sunlight streams down long avenues and glints off windows. And the people? How original and unique we are. The aged have a rugged, worn beauty that speaks of years lived and hopefully loved. The young show promise of a future unfolding. Identical twins are different in their interests. Variety.

We don’t need anything much to revel in God’s extravagance. All we have to do is look and see. Not notice–not give a nod to–but really see. Appreciate.

Pslams 139:14 says I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

One thing we all know–life is fleeting. We can plan our future, but when will our present end? We need to seize the day. See the glory and love life.

This is a lesson Meredith Jaynes in my latest novel, Borrowed Lives, learns. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Cherish the now.


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