Ten Ways to Get the Perfect Valentine’s Gift

By Carol McClain: @ carol_mcclain

No. Not another money-evaporating day.

Anniversaries–nowadays monthly as well as yearly–birthdays and Mother’s/Father’s Days and whatever else is invented. (As I write this it’s actually Lincoln’s birthday. Do we have to get him a gift, too?)

Valentine’s Day will arrive this Wednesday. A day we celebrate our love and are usually compelled to buy a gift. Why not give a present no one will ever reject.

Valentine's Day

Give Love: Here’s How:

  1. Don’t give up on your spouse. Reality check. We’re all human,and we flub up. Work it out. Get counseling. If one member checks out, the relationship will fail, so don’t be the one to ditch the person you swore to love all the days of your life.
  2. Care for the other more than yourself. I am not advocating being a throw-rug. Understand your love’s needs. When the situation warrants it, sacrifice your desires. In truly caring relationships, it will be reciprocated.
  3. Don’t envy what you don’t have. Money is a major point of conflict in relationships. Much of what we want, we don’t need. Be happy with your lot, and stop complaining.
  4. Don’t have a swelled head. Brag on your S.O. Don’t compare him/her to yourself. Cherish the other for the things that first drew you to her/him.
  5. It isn’t always ME first. If you are constantly insisting on your own needs, your S.O will be belittled, and you will lose her/his affection.
  6. Don’t fly off the handle. Has he irritated you? Has she done it again? Take a breath. Take a break. Remember, words can’t be pulled back once they’re uttered. Actions won’t be undone. Talk it out. Don’t accept abuse or insensitivity, but be an adult.
  7. Don’t keep score. The past is the past. The future is a clean slate. Strive to keep it free of conflict.
  8. Look for the best in her/him. We all have greatness is us. What is good? What is done well?
  9. Keeps going until the end. Marriage is until death do us part. Do the above and you’ll make it without murdering your spouse and bringing the end of the marriage sooner than God intended.
  10. Trust God. This is the key. We can’t do any of the above with His help. Whom God joined together, man should not put asunder.

(and of course, a good book is always a wonderful gift for your wife. https://carolmcclain.com/books/ )

If you don’t believe the above, read 1 Corinthians 13.

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