Proof of God

By: Carol McClain     carol_mcclain

“Man has created some lovely dwellings, some soul-stirring literature. He has done much to alleviate physical pain. But he has not...created a substitute for a sunset, a grove of pines, the music of the winds, the dank smell of the deep forest, or the shy beauty of wildflower.” Harvey Broome, Naturalist.

And I can add to the above quote: the synchronization of the fireflies setting mountains on fire, or the double rainbows in the midst of a downpour.

Man has done much.

God’s done more.

We try to replicate God’s glory, then we try to eliminate Him from our consciousness. However, as the psalmist proclaims: “The heavens proclaim the glory of God; the skies proclaim the glory of his hands” (Ps. 91:1).

Almost everything we create adds to the destruction of the natural world:

  1. Medicine saves us, but it leaves in its wake medical waste.
  2. Cars, machines, manufacturing create global warming.
  3. Smog from our progress creates lung disease.
  4. Literature must be printed. For that we must destroy trees.
  5. Technology destroys our privacy.
  6. Add your own here.

How Nature Proves God

  • Man cannot create a star and from that star build Earth.
  • Man cannot build a mountain. Removing one takes inordinate work.
  • Man cannot create a human in a test tube have it grow without a mother.
  • Man’s substitute for humansrobotsare clunky and un-human.
  • Man cannot create the weird, myriad sea life.
  • Man cannot control the elements.
  • Man cannot create without destroying.
  • Man is a speck in an infinite universe.

I imagine some of you who read this would disagree. It takes faith either way.

For me, life is more beautiful seeing the hand of God.

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