Orientation Blindness: Stick to Truth or Be Lost

Darkness will either blind us or get us lost.

by Carol McClain    @carol_mcclain

I’d heard being stranded in a cave could cause blindness. Mostly it’s true for infants, but not for adults. Darkness impairs everyone’s vision. For example, miners develop jerky eye movements because they spend so much time in dark spaces.

This concept of the damage living in the dark causes brings to mind a study by Blackmore and Campbell. They raised cats in darkness. For one hour a day, they put the cats in a lighted, striped room. One half had horizontal stripes, the other vertical. The cats exposed to the horizontal stripes could jump from a table to a chair to the floor. However, once they hit the floor, they’d walk into vertical surfaces like the chair and table legs. The reverse proved true for cats exposed to vertical stripes. They could not navigate horizontal surfaces. https://bit.ly/2DDWZ2r

Society and morals aren’t a cave and blindness, but I believe the comparison holds. We spend too much time listening to and adhering to lies. Then we believe what is false is true. Once that’s accomplished, it’s easier to accept more lies, and we become more lost.

Here’re a few examples to illustrate the point. We believe faith is foolish, so we pick on those who believe foolishly in their faith. This isn’t so bad, but we move from there, and we mock sincere believers. Then we characterize any Christian (or other faith) as an imbecile.

We accept drinking, move to legalize marijuana and eventual unionize addicts (yes, I’ve heard it sincerely argued). We’re on track to normalizing addiction with free needles, which has some sane-sounding arguments, to safe shoot-up sites to prescription heroin.

Sexuality has changed from abstaining until marriage to living together and having a bunch of kids and then maybe marrying (someone else?)

Look at the change in our clothing or excessive tattoos or changing our sex.

If we do not hold to a standard–a plumb line, so to speak–our society will become more like ancient Rome or Babylon before that.

We need to hold to the light of God’s word. Follow what is true and not deviate, or we will, if not become blind, will become hopelessly lost.

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” John 8:12.

“Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth” John 17:17


  1. vera deford says:

    you make so much sense. love to read your blog. vera

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