One Solution to Conquering Your Past



How do you conquer your past? There is one sure-fire way: Grace.

Webster’s defines grace as “a free gift of God to humankind for regeneration or sanctification: an influence emanating from God and acting for the spiritual well-being of the recipient.”

What the heck does the above mean?
Glad you asked.

I can give you all the theological chapters and verses–but that would likely still leave you confused.

Simply stated–grace forgives the past as long as we are willing to change our ways. In Christ, this is free. Click the following link to see the amplified version of this Scripture. Eph. 2: 8 & 9.

An example best illustrates grace and its consequences.

My friend Ernie spent ten years in jail for being an accomplice to murder. While incarcerated, he found Jesus, confessed his sin, and gave his life to Christ.

The end result was a man so radically different from the drug-dealing soul sentenced to prison, you would be hard-pressed to believe he’d ever done a thing wrong.


Ernie was never shy about what God had done for him.
  1. He testified of his incarceration.
  2. He wept as he spoke of grace and his redemption.
  3. He devoted himself to his wife and children.
  4. He became an elder in our church.

Grace isn’t a “get out of jail free” card. Ernie knew what he had done. Whenever he worked with children, he ensured someone else was present. He didn’t ever want to bring doubt to his integrity.

But more–he did not want to bring shame to the name of Jesus. He understood the fear of the Lord.

You would never have met a more optimistic, joyful man.

Tangled Lives

This story can illustrate the life grace gives.

Two sisters confront the conflict their pasts.

Crystal approaches life with grace. She’s generally happy, accepts her spina bifida, and moves through life with peace knowing she’s made perfect in Christ.

Roxie, though, tries to find love to prove her worth. She struggles for a 4.0 in college. Wants to be best. If she is tops, then she is worth something.

Do you want to live like Crystal or Roxie?

I’d guess Crystal. Choose Grace.



Dive Deeper

Here’re some Scriptures that prove my point.

  1. Feel weak and incompetent? 2 Corinthians 12:9–10.
  2. Feel no one would understand? Heb. 4: 15-16
  3. Feel guilt ridden? Rom. 6:14
  4. Feel confused about our society and how to avoid the craziness? Titus 2: 11-14

I could blab on and on and on–but hopefully you haven’t stopped reading after my opening sentence.

If you want to know how to find this grace, feel free to contact me.


  1. “Simply stated–grace forgives the past as long as we are willing to change our ways.” The later part of your sentence is the part we overlook. Great illustration with Tangled Lives–great promotion too!

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