My Dream Team: Day 1/11

A winning team does not consist of one member–but many–each sharing her or his gift to make the group succeed. This ideally analogizes people in my life: friends have made me be better than I ever could on my own. So who would be on my dream team? Excluding family–over the next eleven days I’ll unveil my dream team.

Linda R–my mentor and fellow blond. Linda has tutored me in the writing profession; she’s shared writing opportunities with me, even knowing I could be competition. In conferences she’s pitched my work along with hers. She added me to her crit group, even though one more member could well overcrowd it. She’s strong in faith and faithful in friendship. Because of her, I’m closer to being a professional writer.

For six months, Linda and her husband took in their grandson who had been having some issues at home. This action took away from her writing and finances–but Andy thrived, the family rejuvenated.

Even in “little” things, Linda shows her faithfulness. Like many authors, she has a long friends’ list on Facebook. If you are her “Friend” you are not hidden. She reads the posts and remembers each person.

She’s talented–writes beautifully, acts well, and can even sing. Above all this, she is faith and love and loyalty personified. In Hebrew the girl’s name Tzofiya means watcher, guardian, scout. Those words define her well. Linda protects those she loves.

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  1. Linda S. says:

    I think this describes Linda to a T.

  2. Tina, I have to laugh. Guess who's up today? As I have no digital photos of you,I'm been pilfering yours from your facebook page. Watch out.

  3. A Friend loveth @ all times! Thank God for faithful friends that stand the test of time,and continue to inspire!

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