Mistakes: Make Them Good

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” Rom. 8:1.
Mistakes. Ever make one?
Usually we don’t like to admit it–especially publicly. But I have little pride.
Mistakes are good.
Last week began my crazy week. I taught at a woman’s retreat, had approximately 3.5 tons of yard work to complete and then needed to prep for a Missions Retreat this weekend before I left for my daughters.
In that mess, a casual friend held the memorial service for her mother. Where could I fit that visitation into this schedule, especially as I live twenty-minutes from town.
Skip the pizza: serve the person.
I had the perfect solution. On my way home from the retreat, I stopped at a pizza parlor and put in my to-go order. I headed over to the calling hours.
Ordinarily, these gatherings have a long line of mourners, so I figured I’d take my place in line, offer condolences, spend ten-fifteen minutes and then take dinner home to hubby and collapse.
When I arrived, I was the only visitor. Of family, only four people beside my friend attended. My heart broke at the loneliness and isolation she must have felt. 
My friend showed me, with great pride, the few mementos she had of her mom. I watched the video and tried to keep straight the family members she pointed out.
Choose life
But my mind whirred.
I was exhausted. My pizza was cooling down the road. A twenty-minute ride loomed ahead of me. Yet, grief, loneliness and isolation wrapped themselves here in the church sanctuary.
After a half-hour, I allowed the evil trinity of my current life compel me out of the sanctuary. I picked up my dinner and headed home.
I was wrong.
A quick phone call to my husband would have allayed worries about my delay. The pizza had been paid for, and we had an oven to bake it in. I should have stayed.
Lessons of a Recovering Perfectionist
  • No condemnation. I felt bad, and I should have. Life and friendship is more than the busyness of our own selves. I needed to use this time to learn a lesson.
  • Mistakes teach us lessons. Do you think I’ll ever let my life dictate my love for others again? Nope. I married a good man. My love for others outweighs my comfort–and people will take a higher priority in my life until I get it right.
  • Perfection comes only though Jesus. I goofed. But when the missions conference rolled around, we had an extra room. My closest friend who organized the trip for our church asked me if this woman whose mother had passed should be invited. With glee I nearly leaped up and down. My answer, “Yes, yes, yes.” And we were able to bless my friend. I grew to know her more. 


Quick Tweet
How have mistakes made you more Christlike?



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