Kidney Quest: Save the Urine–Part 2

Deutsch: Milchcontainer mit fahrbarem Untersat...
A container suitable for the 24 hour urine test!

One of the tests needed to determine the viability of a donor is the twenty-four hour urine test. You can see all the details in the previous blog–just scroll down.

This came with several undoable stipulations:

  1. all urine had to go directly into the prescribed bottle
  2. it had to be refrigerated
  3. non could be discarded

So forget about your morning java.

Several problems reared their heads–such as being unable to fit the jug under me, fitting everything into the  prescribed jug. And how do you leave the house? Go to church? Eat out for breakfast and drink IHOP out of coffee?

The solutions (this all involves violating the letter of the law):

  1. For about eight bucks, you can buy a “specipan urine hat.” This is a plastic measuring cup (so to speak) that looks like a top hat. You place it on the toilet. The rim holds it in place.
  2. For living a life outside of your home? I simply found a plastic container with a secure lid. Instant Porta Potty.

And with this complete, and on my way into Manhattan, I thought the worst of my testing was over.


Stay tuned to tomorrow’s installment.

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  1. Have can…will travel, lol!

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