Kidney Quest: Interlude–The Last Days–Perspective

Night lights
Night lights (Photo credit: dlanham)

Our kidney transplant would take place shortly after the results for the MRI and sonogram came in. I returned home. Within a week, I knew everything was a go, and I needed to make my final journey back to Mount Sinai for our last tests scheduled for November 13. My brother-in-law flew his Cessna up to Malone, and whisked me back to New York City.

I sat in the back of the plane and studied the world beneath my feet. The sky was dark, the ground studded with lights. I watched the cars snake along mountain roads, watched light pool in towns like Lake Placid, saw them flood Albany. This scene always mesmerized me, made me realize how small we are, how vast the world.
Inside those tiny lights lived people, many with big problems, but how small they seemed up here. The perspective made me remember Isa 55:8-9. “‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,”  declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.'” We struggle here on earth and forget the big picture. We forget our suffering, in the scheme of eternity, is slight and is short in duration. Life hurts everyone. No one is left unscarred. We have to remember that God sees all, has all in perspective and cares more about each of us than we can fathom.
The peace in the sky lulled me to sleep. I awoke as we flew over the Long Island Sound, a black desert with no boat lights on this dark and foggy November night.
We descended through clouds, trusting instruments to make a safe landing. In a few days, I’d be trusting more technology to keep me and my brother safe. My life would be in the hands of a skilled physician.
No matter what trial we face we have to remember two things:
  1. Keep all in perspective.
  2. Keep all in God’s hands

How about you? Have you let life distort your vision of the bigger picture? How have you let go and trusted God?

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