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“Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another — and all the more as you see the Day approaching” (Heb 10:25). NIV

“It’s better to have a partner than go it alone. Share the work, share the wealth” (Eccl 4:9).THE MESSAGE

(Neil has my thumb of approval)

Sometimes I want to strangle my husband. Usually, that’s when he: 1. climbs into bed at 11PM, snaps on the light, and slurps ice cream or 2. decides dinner has to meat and potatoes, not a vegetarian casserole like any good husband would adore.

But the old Ann Landers’ question tells me, life is infinitely better off with him than without him. So, too, with friends and church family. They’re not all as normal or talented or beautiful as we…but we need each other as much as wives need their husbands. How?

  1. Truth. You believe one thing, the “weird” congregant follows the “off-the-wall” ideology. The truth is probably in the middle. Neil is a United Methodist. I’m charismatic. Blend the two, and we live a well-balanced faith.
  2. Help. Sometimes we struggle–with our faith or our finances or family. With regular attendance and fellowship, people know our strengths, weaknesses and habits. They can give us a hand. When I run–I fall, sad but true. When I’m hurting Neil babies me. Cooks dinner, runs the vacuum and insists I go to the doctor’s when things don’t mend themselves.
  3. Companionship. We humans are pack animals. We need each other. Church offers pot lucks, after-service coffee and Bible studies. All are welcomed, and in continual fellowship, we see beyond our oddities to the strength of our characters. Sometimes I need my space, and when Neil says he’s going some place, I rejoice. It never fails. I get anxious if he’s gone too long. I want him here.

Treat your church like a cherished marriage. How does  your church meet your needs?

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  1. Yes, I go to the Burke Church. I love it there. Where do you go? You could come visit the Burke Church anytime! We have 3 different Christmas services this year too!
    You are too kind with your words and so sweet. Thank you.
    I am excited you will be around more ! You will be in for Becky, right?
    Merry Christmas! See you soon! (Sorry it took me so long to respond :/ )

  2. Alicia, I figured you had become a Christian, and that blesses me tremendously. Do you go to the Burke Church? I understand it's a fabulous place.

    And if not Burke, then the church that blesses you is greatly enriched by your life.

    Do you know I'll be working at FA in Jan?

  3. So this is my first time checking out your blog… and I love it. I keep reading and reading! 🙂

    So in response to this post…
    My church family means so much to me! I love my church family. Fellowship is so powerful and can completely change the way you connect to your church and church family. Fellowship is a reminder to me in many ways. When I experience fellowship, it helps to keep my eyes, mind, and soul focused on God as my father and God as the one true necessity for life. I am reminded that God is more than just God. I am reminded that God is more than my heavenly father. I am reminded that God is more than anything imaginable. I am reminded that when Jesus reaches his hand out to mine that I shall place my hand in his. I am reminded that I have placed my heart in his hand when I gave my life to him. Now I shall let God completely embrace it. God envelops my entire being – if I allow. I am reminded that God promises to not unwrap himself from me- to never let go. And this promise can be trusted like no other promise. My church family helps me to remember all of this. It gives me understanding that God is all all I need. God's love is the only real way to fill any emptiness I ever feel- any whole or space within my soul and being that needs to be filled. Nothing else can accomplish this.
    So how does my church meet my needs? My church gives me a church family. My church family empowers me to be whole in God's hands. Yes, I do cherish my relationship with my church and my church family.

  4. I love schizo UMC ministers! Thanks for being so faithful to my blog.

  5. TNeal says:

    So you can't be both United Methodist and charismatic? Hmmm … I may be schizo then.

    Good piece, Carol. I enjoy church fellowship because it connects me with those similar but not the same as me. The differences help me to grow in my faith.

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