I Fell In Love: Sarah

     Thirty-four years ago I met the most wonderful person I’ve ever known. She lay on my belly, her beautiful round face staring up at me. Eyes bluer than any robin’s egg held mine. I fell in love with the child who would become my closest friend.
     She’s a faithful friend. Once the bond had been made, Sarah will not abandon those she loves. I’ve seen her hurt and listened to her tears over a friend who would no longer return her love. Sarah has a plethora of good friends, but she grieves over the one lost one just as Jesus mourned the one lost sheep. She continued seeking the connection that broke and her love an persistence restored it.
     No mother could be so devoted. All who meet her children acclaim their goodness. One couple decided to have children because of the example set by Caroline and David. Why are these children good? Because my daughter pours love and discipline into them.
     Sarah will sacrifice time on holidays–and her own family time to travel to be with family. As most live on Long Island, the few vacation days she has are spent catering to the needs of those she loves. She drove 300 miles one way, on a weekend, just to attend my surprise party (and surprise retirement fete). She couldn’t dream of missing it.
     Her talent amazes me: look at her photography, photoshop skills, scrapbook pages. She plays the flute and oboe and designs amazing rooms in her house.
     She adores Jesus, loves her family and Neil and me. My best friend and kindred spirit.

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  1. I never said you weren't easy to love all the time.

  2. sabedavo says:

    Hey! I'm easy to love ALL the time! Thank you mommy!

  3. Thank you, Linda and Cathy. Sarah's easy to love (most of the time).

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is beautiful, Carol! Would bring me to tears if it weren't for the antidepressants. Kidding aside, I am so impressed with the person you are and the life that you share with others! I watched you raise Sarah from childhood to adulthood much the same by which you describe her character in this lovely birthday tribute. Yes, you are blessed. Your cup runneth over. Love you guys! Happy birthday, Sarah!
    Love, Cathy Basye LaBrake
    PS. I'm having difficulty with the URL profile postings except for the Anon box. So be it.

  5. Linda says:

    what a beautiful tribute from a mother to her daughter.

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