How To Know If It’s God’s Perfect Will

Neil made this guitar with Dave Nichols–
a guitar builder for Gibson Guitars

But in fact God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be. I Cor. 12:18

By: Carol McClain @carol_mcclain
How this recovering perfectionist envies her husband, Neil. He plays bass and loves all sorts of music. He gets to play in our church’s worship band and for Celebrate Recovery. Part of his ministry is in the set-up and take down of the music systems. Seeing as he owns enough equipment to start a recording studio–it’s no big deal.
Actually, he finds it quite enjoyable.
Recently we had a church meeting to look at ministries to meet the needs of the community. One woman said we needed to visit shut-ins and take food to them. I wholeheartedly endorsed the endeavor.


Except my heart sunk with the thought of this introvert who spends hours in her own mind writing her fantasies on a computer screen. Cooking? Yuck. That’s why they invented pizza and Chinese food. So cook AND visit? 
It is definitely a need someone should do. It sounds like a cop-out, but that someone is not me.
In my former authoritative church, condemnation would be hurled at me. If this became a mission of the congregation, everyone would be required to do it with joy. If you didn’t perform happily, you wouldn’t be eligible to do what you love. That is NOT God.
Who wouldn’t love ministering to little ones like this?
For me, my love is babies. I volunteer in nursery. Holding infants, changing diapers, playing on the carpet is a piece of heaven for me. When the new schedule comes out, I count the days until I get to play.
Can you imagine my shock when the youth minister said no one seems to have any interest in serving in nursery?
That’s the glory of God. Our gifts are a joy–first to us and then to others.
Yes, there are times I serve in the kitchen or work at a fundraiser. They’re sacrifices I make for a church body I love. However, true ministry serves you as much as anyone else.
Don’t be cowed into works. (click to tweet) God wishes to bring you life, and that more abundantly.

Three criteria to know if you’re moving in God’s perfect will  

  1. Do you love doing it?
  2. Is what you’re doing Biblical?
  3. Do you and others benefit from it?
If you said yes to all, that’s God’s will. No to any one of those, you need to re-think your ministry.
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  1. My first church would guilt us into doing things–church clean-up, evangelism programs. I feel guilty not liking good things. However, I'm not called to do those good things.

  2. Thanks for another great post! I always hated being "quilted" into doing something I had no talent or ambition for. God does place us where we belong and function the best.

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