How to Find Joy


[3] And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. [4] Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18: 3-4

Ever since my teen years–eons ago–I’ve loved Jeeps. Then one day in my dotage, my husband and I splurged. No more economy/hybrid/ecological/socially acceptable vehicles. A real Jeep.

I soon discovered owning an off-roading Jeep comes with a special culture. And this culture never fails to make me smile.

Two joyful Jeep traditions.

First: Jeep owners wave to each other. Total strangers in different states and different stages of life always acknowledge the existence of another jeeper. How can you not be happy when total strangers (and hot young men) greet you like a friend?

Our world’s gone crazy. Crime is being accepted as a part of life. Predators often have more rights than victims. And then we have politics. (Hey, I’m focusing on joy. Politics will not have a place in this blog.)

Second: For me, the second bit of Jeep culture always, always (and yes, I’m repeating myself), always makes me smile. There’s a thing called “duck duck jeep.” Owners of one Jeep (and these are the off-roading cool ones–not the SUVs) will leave a rubber duck on your door handle or windshield. Attached will be a note statings something like, “ducking awesome Jeep,” or “you’ve been ducked.”

Every time I’m ducked, my spirits lift. Joy lasts throughout the day. I eagerly search for someone else to duck.


We (at least I–but I’m old enough to know if I feel this way, plenty of others do, too.)…we search for joy in big things–the house on the water, the prince (princess) charming who fulfills all our needs, the big promotion, the mega-book sales (hey–help me fulfill this dream. Check out my book page), an exquisite piece of jewelry (or awesome glass), built-in pool, fill in the blanks.

In reality, joy comes in little things. Unexpected greetings from strangers. Rubber ducks. Reruns of Dirty Jobs (this gives me joy because I’m glad I’m not the one doing those icky things), a picture drawn by a three-year-old preschool student.

Jesus tells us to become like children. I know it’s referring to faith, but I can’t help envision children’s joy. On Christmas or their birthday, they love the wrapping paper or box more than the present. A ten-cent lollipop excites them. Puppies and kittens and catching snowflakes on their tongue have them giggling. Be like them.

Don’t search for joy in the big things. Find happiness today. Catch it like a butterfly and don’t let go.

Borrowed Lives

The three children Meredith Jaynes finds know how to be happy despite their hard lives. Their antics and excitement over little things will make you laugh. Check it out.






  1. Excellent, Carol! I don’t know when I’ve read a more enJOYable blog. Your bit about Borrowed Lives reminded me of the goats the girls enJOYed so much.

  2. This post brought me great joy! Thank you, Carol!

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