How Grammar Literate Are You?

The punctuation mark comma
The punctuation mark comma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can you correctly answer the following? Check the Literator tab on the main page for the answers and your score.

1. The Oxford comma is on that is: a) used only in England  b) an optional comma strongly recommended before a conjunction c) joins two closely related sentences.

2. A comma splice a) is used when a period or semi-colon should be used: b) is half of a quotation mark c) is another name for the serial comma.

3.  Etc. or et cetera (and NEVER in formal prose, we ALL know that), is set off in commas: a) every time b) when it’s not written out c) when it’s the final word in a series.

4.Et al means: a) and others b) Please include Al c) I can’t remember the other examples, so I’ll abbreviate it.

5. Ampersand is: a) the overuse of the word and b) the symbol # c) the symbol &

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