Happy Birthday, Debbie Greenwald

So often the things of real value are under appreciated. I think the world needs to note the heavenly angel that is my friend Debbie.

She never forgets things of importance. For example, this year I had to put down my sweet Cavalier King Charles spaniel. For Christmas, she found an ornament for my gift. As you probably guessed, it was a Cavalier. However, not only did it match my little dog, it was an angel. I nearly cried.

Neil and I have found another dog–a Springer spaniel. Debbie and I always exchange crazy socks. This year–a pair decked out with Springers.

One year, she wrote a card relating all that happened to me during the year. She recalled things, I’d forgotten. Again, I cried. (I cried, too, when twelve pink flamingos showed up on my front lawn–but I forgive her.)

She is, hands down, the best cake baker in the world. She makes an almond torte that is worth every single calorie packed into it. When she enters an item in the county fair, no other cake contestant stands a chance. She’ll take first prize.

She’s devoted to her friends and to her children. Her faith genuinely reflects off of her. She forgets no one. If I run into her at an activity, often times she will have invited an old friend–one I hadn’t seen in ages. I may have forgotten. Debbie wouldn’t.

Dec. 24th is her birthday. She shares it with our celebration of Jesus–but I want the world to remember her as well.

I love you, Deb.

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  1. Dufort says:

    She's a very nice lady; I spent many a day and night in the Greenwald household when I was growing up. I can attest to her cake baking skills as well!

  2. Shelley says:

    Happy Birthday and a happy year to go with it! You sound like a person worth knowing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awwww! That's so sweet!


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