Got Troubles? 5 Ways to Correct Your Perspective

By: Carol McClain     carol_mcclain

Life’s been chaotic for me lately. Too many frustrating (and expensive things) have gone wrong this year. They sent me into a time of mourning–as you can tell from my dearth of blog posts.

If it could go wrong–it did. And because it broke down in May, doesn’t mean it’s fixed yet. At times I wanted to scream, “Get me out of this life!”

For me, the worst came two weeks after a phenomenal writing conference. My agent decided we weren’t right for each other and severed our contract. This stung to my core as a writer.

Then one week later, my publishing company closed. My latest novel had been due out within one week of Desert Breeze shuttering their doors.

The proverbial cherry on the top of all of this was that I’d spent a fortune on a conference where I followed the directions my agent laid out–a direction, that without his backing, led to wasted interviews. I’d just been vetted into the Authors’ Guild of Tennessee. Replete in the knowledge of having direction and finally moving upward, I renewed my ACFW membership early.

I felt like the poor cartoon character who opens her purse and  moths fly out. (Oh–my tale of my pantry moths will follow).

I mourned.

I don’t think you can move on if you don’t mourn, but you won’t move on if you don’t stop crying over what won’t change.

Still unsure of God’s direction for me, I have to put everything in perspective. Nothing happens to me without God’s foreknowledge. I need to put life into perspective

5 Ways to Correct Your Perspective

  1. Has anyone you loved died? A dear friend met the man of her dreams. They fit together like God’s jigsaw puzzle. Then he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Within three weeks he died. We all will die. And some of you are facing that struggle. But those of us facing career problems–we have families and children and parents and friends who live, who can enjoy life with us.
  2. Is anyone facing illness? Another friend’s five-year-old son is battling leukemia. The prognosis gave him a 50/50 chance. The couple has three other children and they need to balance everyone’s needs as their youngest suffers.
  3. Have you lost all you’ve owned? Wildfires rage in northern California. Two years ago, they swept through my beloved Smokies. People died. Others lost everything they owned. Many became homeless.
  4. Do you have friends? Many people have none. Open up to trusted friends, cry, share and laugh with them.
  5. Do you know Jesus Christ? We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Phil 4:13). God’s plans for us are to bring us hope and an expected end (Jer. 29:11). With Christ, all things are possible. He will see us through all trials.


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