Four Ways to Love the Cold Temperatures

By Carol McClain:     @carol _mcclain

No one needs a news alert, here it is, anyway. The East Coast has been gripped by record shattering cold.

It’s uncomfortable,  inconvenient, expensive and deadly.

Despite the four negatives, it can be appreciated.

Wait, you say. Appreciated?

Yep, but remember, I didn’t say loved.

Four Ways to appreciate the frigid temperatures

  1. Recognize how it reduces pests. I know it freezes your pipes and raises your heating bills. However, it has advantages. Until recently, ticks and Lyme’s disease did not reach the northernmost parts of the East Coast because the cold killed off the buggers. Frigid temperatures destroy Japanese beetles and  flees and ticks. Over the past decade, with the warming temperatures, many of these species have flourished. If you don’t believe me, how come alligators only stay in the South?
  2. Notice how it reduces inflammation. We know icing swollen joints reduces the pain, so, too, does colder weather. According to the Huffington Post, cold weather can reduce overall pain.
  3. Figure out how to play in it. Recently, a “cyclone bomb” hit the East Coast. People grumbled louder than their snow blowers. As they shoveled their yards, they did warm up. Many had to remove heavy clothing to stay comfortable. My go-to, always, in looking on how to recapture the wonder of our lives, is to watch the children. They try to catch snowflakes on their tongues. They make snow angels. They slide down those snow banks we carefully stacked along our driveway. We may not want to roll in the snow to make an angel, but why not cross-country ski or snowshoe? You will warm up.
  4. If you don’t want to play in it, grow closer to your family indoors. Roast marshmallows over the wood in the fireplace. Drink hot chocolate. Break out the board games. Be silly as a family. Buy the dorky mermaid-tail comforter or a stupid looking snuggie. Wear goofy earmuffs, stuffed-animal slippers and laugh–a lot.

And here’s a bonus pointer: Read a good book. I’ve got three listed on my website!


  1. Tina Nord says:

    Great Encouraging words. I must say I am spoiled and appreciate the reminders. We always had to stay creative when we lived up North and that kept the Beauty and Wonder flowing…and the Play factor a must !

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