Four Benefits of Servitude

By: Carol McClain  carol_mcclain Holiness Love Silhouette Kneeling Kindness

I admit I fell into believing a popular Christian philosophy. Whatever I asked, I’d get–usually with the caveat of IF I begged with enough faith and passion.

Of course, I failed.

I forgot one key ingredient. As I read Philippians, the first seven words stop me. They force me to think. They illustrate what I am in Christ.

“Paul and Timothy, bondservants of Jesus Christ” (Phil. 1:1).

That’s us. Bought with a price, we’ve willingly nailed our ear to the door (Deut. 15:17). In serving Christ, we forfeit our lives and live for Him. His desires must become ours.

Sound depressing?

It’s not.

Joys of Servitude

  1. We cannot fail. At the moment, my writing career stalled. My stained glass isn’t selling. My blog is not receiving the attention TV shows make it look like bloggers get. BUT, God’s opened other doors. Neil and I will be teaching in the jails–an offer to minister that came out of the blue. Neil wasn’t on the radar to teach the course but ended up with it. This is God. We will be instruments to changed lives.
  2. What matters most will prosper. What really matters in life? When Stephen King passes on, will he say, “I’m a success. I wrote great books.”? I’d rather think he’ll consider those he loves. Think of the Hollywood legends who ruined marriages, destroyed their children and their own lives. Are they happy their success caused those things?
  3. The kingdom of God will prosper. I don’t think a person lives in the United States who doesn’t realize what a mess our society is. No one converses. Everyone adheres to his/her own opinion and then forces it on others. This transcends politics. In sexuality, abortion, work ethic, or even the universally desired end to the opioid crisis. Every agency strives in its own way, and little cooperation exists. If we adhere to Biblical principles, so much of this will dissipate.
  4. Your life will be contented. Following Christ will eliminate those guilt-inducing blunders that scar each of us.

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