Celebrate Your Strengths: Skip the Drudgery

My yoke is easy and my burden light Mt. 11:30

By: Carol McClain @carol_mcclain

Don’t Do What You Hate

Good deeds are good: but they don’t mean you have to do them.
Work your area of strength.
Have you ever been in a situation where you felt compelled (read condemned) into doing good works you just don’t like doing?
The Scripture from Matthew 11:30 always showed me how unsaved I was. Until recently, never was my yoke easy or my burden light.
A church I once belonged to would have a work day. Everyone was expected to show up. We’d rake lawns or spring clean or paint. All worthy activities, but things I hated–especially painting.
Then a need for evangelism would be emphasized. We’d go to a new program and then like good little robots, go door to door. Not a bad activity, but it gave me ulcers. Small groups would mean I would have to get a baby-sitter I couldn’t afford and show up.
In my current church, we had a missions’ conference. About fourteen women attended and virtually all of them loved every minute. I, once again, stood outside the circle of the “good people” and didn’t like it. Condemnation overwhelmed me because missions are good.
The feeling of not doing something that is good and worthy, makes me feel inadequate. I see the joy others have in evangelism or cooking for the church or visiting shut-ins, and know I’m letting God down.
I’m not.
And neither are you.

Do What You Love

Do you love children like I do? Time in nursery or youth events can fly by.
Do you sew or knit? Creating blankets for the Linus Project is no problem at all.
How are you with social media? Can you write a blog, retweet uplifting resources?
Do you love people one on one? (my favorite) Then mentor, take a friend to lunch.
Gardening? Do it and share it.
Max Lucado says in Cure for the Common Life, “The devil is determined to bump you out of your strengths.”
The devil certainly bumped me out of strengths and had me riding the Merry-Go-Round of Misery.
Sometimes we get so busy doing good, we forget we’re allowed to enjoy it.
Scroll down to last week’s blog and see some resources that can help you determine your gifts.
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