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Do you know where in Spain bullfighting was born?
Why was this event created?
Why do they call the  rings: “Plaza des Toros?”
Why is the cape red? Who is the most revered bullfighter in its birthplace?
Before going into the ring, where does every matador stop?
Where in the paper will you read about bullfights?
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Shortly, Neil and I will be heading off to Spain–and forcing our travelogue on anyone sweet enough to read my blog. One of the first places we’ll travel is to the birthplace of bullfighting: Ronda, Spain in the Andalucia region. It began here to train knights in combat.

Ronda actually uses a ring and always has. However,  bullfights used to be held in the village square, thus the term Plaza des Toros.

The most revered bullfighter in Ronda is Francisco Romero, who, according to Rick Steves, melded chaotic and noble bullfighting to create the current format. He is also credited with the using the red cape. The bull is color blind and the color of the cape was probably used to camouflage the blood. His son Juan made it more an art form and his grandson, Pedro, who killed 6,000 bulls in his career.

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As bullfighting is an “art,” the results are found in the culture section of the newspapers.

Last of all, the last stop a matador makes before entering the ring is at the chapel–he prays to Mary in hopes of seeing her again.

Unfortunately, (Or probably fortunately for me) we won’t see a fight. They’re held in September. We will however tour the ring.

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  1. I just read a scene about bear baiting–that whole animal fighting is dreadful to me. I think I would go to a bullfight because it was Spain–but glad there won't be any.

  2. Linda says:

    I liked the article it was interesting and informative. Although I would not like to get up close and personal with the bull it might be captivating to watch the Matador and the bull.

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