Be Prepared: Step One of House Showings (and life).

 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour”
Matt 25:13.

I believe in the boy scouts–be prepared. If we are, no evil, which is common to man, would ever overtake us. I.E. my house, which is on the market, would be clean when the realtor wanted to show it.

Anyone who has ever tried to sell a house can attest, let it be a mess, potential purchasers will beat down your door.

Friday, while on my way to my concert (pay attention, I played second bassoon), Neil’s cell phone rang. A realtor wanted to show our home. On Saturday. The next day. Mind you, we neared Potsdam, a town located about forty miles away. My concert would begin in an hour, and then I needed to return home. That spelled: L-A-T-E.

Fortunately, my house was sort of clean. I’d done the laundry, no mess paved a path throughout my home, but it wasn’t move in ready. If it was, we would not have received that call.

Once back in Malone, Neil and I dug in. I wiped down the bathrooms and emptied the trash containers. He straightened his work bench. In the morning I mopped and dusted while he vacuumed. And in the matter of a few hours, we were able to sail off (literally) in our kayaks spying bald eagles, great blue herons and a family of ducks while another family explored our house.

How will our showing turn out? Don’t know. But I do know–like the virgins in the parable, we prepared. We needed to trim our wicks and polish off the glass, but we had anticipated the potential of a showing and were prepared.

Being prepared applies to many things. Do you love your family? Make sure they know. You may have an argument before you meet your Maker, but if love is a way of life, the little mess you left behind won’t be remembered.

And most important, remember you are going to meet your maker. Are you prepared?

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  1. Cathy, I hear you. Seems showings happen when you do not want them to. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh, those fun days of having a house on the market! My main goal was to make sure all the toilets were flushed ;-).

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